Restaurant General Manager

Grows Sales and Achieve Sales Plan
Manage in-store retailing, including POP, Suggestive Sell, Kids' and other initiatives.
Execute neighborhood marketing activities/initiatives. Manage off-site sales.
Manage our brand "image" through signage and curb appeal.
Ensure the exterior of restaurant is clean and well maintained.
Coach CSR execution of suggestive selling.
Inform all team members of marketing initiative and current coupons and specials.
Execute phone service so phones are answered and not put on hold.
Uses Operational Processes to Deliver C.H.A.M.P.S
Is a visible leader, especially in preparation and execution of peak revenue periods
Forecast restaurant needs and determine the scheduling and labor needs. Write schedules that balance the needs of customers, employees, and shareholders.
Ensure restaurant team is providing great service by breaking down customer service barriers.
Is a highly visible coach for team members and thoroughly communicates assignments.
Controls the production of quality products through effective food management processes.
Prepare for and recover from rushes. Adjust the prep plan and deployment as needed.
Execute shift change and manage daily opening/closing to ensure readiness for revenue.
Receive and transfer products according to procedures.
Ensure Cleanliness, Hospitality, Accuracy, Maintenance, Product Quality and Speed throughout the shift.
Manage all unscheduled maintenance as needed.
Monitor the restaurant flow and eliminate the bottlenecks in the restaurant.
Resolve ALL customer issues. Understand and react to CHAMPS scores and identify areas of improvement in order to run a great restaurant.
Register all sales and cash out drivers.
Work in production and service roles as needed.
Answer phones and take orders from callers.
Recruits, Selects and Continually Develops a Successful Team that is aligned with Pizza Hut's Strategy.
Recruit and select qualified team members using PHAZ tools and systems.
Coach and train managers and team members. Develop team members for professional growth.
Develop your restaurant bench plan monthly.
Coach team members' performance daily. Follow-up on assigned tasks.
Conduct guided practice training in restaurant.
Reward, recognize, and motivate team members.
Ensure everyone is in compliance with all PHAZ policies (e.g., dress and grooming standards).
Handle grievances or potential problems. Maintain a harassment-free environment.
Set a good performance example for team to follow - cast the shadow of a leader.
Instill a "How We Win Together" PHAZlosophy in team members.
Create a positive team environment. Listen to and support others.
Hold staff accountable for their performance and be personally accountable.
Uses Financial and Quantitative Information to Effectively Manage. Proactively Identifies and Diagnoses Financial Control Opportunities and Takes Action.
Analyze Performances ? Act to improve business results by increasing sales.
Manage COS through food flow mgmt, yields, PCA, weekly inventory, and food ordering.
Manage COL through forecasting, labor planning, scheduling, and deployment.
Manage Semis through checkbook, spending to maintenance budget, and other standards.
Manage promotions and discounts and tracks delayed payments.
Manage cash by using PHAZ control procedures.
Conduct shift change reports daily.
Conduct daily critical inventory.
Reconcile cash, deposit, and P&A. Manage Coupon redemption.
Adjust labor schedule and deployment as customer patterns change during shift.
Ensure restaurant compliance with all audit requirements (e.g., inventory and cash control).

Don't Be Fooled

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